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Shigeshigetani Bull  SCD AA-5  Recessive Free, proven marbling genes for either F1 Angus or FB Wagyu
Bull sired by Kitateruyasudoi J003
VA-9, Recessive Free, prime F1 production on Angus cows or FB Wagyu
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Bulls sired by Itozurudoi TF 151  Very rare bloodline with proven F1 Angus marbling, size and milk EBV's  F11C (50%) 

Kitateruyasu Doi is widely acknowledged as one of the best marbling and carcass bulls available – his importance not only relates to his outstanding marbling but also that he passes on high level growth genetics. To achieve high profitability, a Wagyu or Wagyu cross carcass must have a heavy carcass weight as well as good marbling. This sire delivers this more than any other 100% Tajima sire. Kitateruyasu Doi’s progeny fed in Japan have consistently hit the A5 target (the highest possible). This bull produces excellent carcasses as noted through the progeny and EBV’s from Australia, too. Most of the top 25 sires and dams for the Fullblood Terminal Index and the Marbling Index in the 2015 Australian Breeding Guide have Kitateruyasu Doi as the sire, a grand-sire, or are line-bred. We are using this bull to produce multiple embryo breedings as well as bloodlines for our own herd.

SHIGESHIGETANI is a half to SANJIROU, sired by the number one Female in the breed , SUZUTANI. a bull noted for both top carcass production but significant size and length as well. he is sired by HARUKI 2.

Fast becoming the most desired World K Bull , he has produced 30T who is currently one of the top rated AI sires in the USA.

Shigeshigetani is proven out on over 5,000 finished steers.

On the Australian scale grading from 1-9 , he has proven out at 90% of all carcasses at 9+ ( or above the highest grade ).

His remaining 10% of all carcasses graded 7-9.